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Originally Posted by NathanJT View Post
Look at it this way Matt, be proud of yourself!!! 99% of the dimwits on our roads these days WOULD of killed him because they were too busy on the phone/talking to passengers/looking out for speed cameras whilst doing 31mph/not really giving a sh*t about other road users/picking their nose (please delete as applicable, or not as the case may be).

The fact is you were alert and able to carry out necessary avoidance maneuvers!

Although obviously it would of been nice to catch the little **** and get the alloy sorted!

Exactly - no harm done. I can understand your annoyance - I once ran into a 7 yr old lad in my 325i - Must have been doing 10-15mph and he stayed upright sliding across the road as it was wet!!! He wasn't bothered in the slightest (his Mum and brother were) - I was really shaken.