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Originally Posted by ENINTY View Post
I'll try to explain for you. You are at a dealer that has both labor and overhead costs he must cover when your car comes in for service. Your car will be "touched" by the Service Advisor, the car jockey who moves the car in and out of service, the technician who will do the scan of the car with the GT1 and perform the battery registration. The Car jockey will then bring the car out of service to the wash bay and wash the car. The SA will finalize the paperwork with you and say "thanks". The Cashier will then check you out of the payment system. The car Jockey will then go get your car for you. The dealer's accounting staff will reconcile the invoice at the end of the month.

The dealer has fixed capital costs (buildings, lifts, air compressors, HVAC systems, computer systems, etc.) and operating expenses such as taxes, insurance, electricity, parts inventory, snow removal, building maintenance, grounds keeping, etc.; all of which have to be covered for the Tech to do the "5-minute" registration procedure. This is how business works, and why the dealer charges for almost two hours to perform the procedure. Get it?
I think we all understand this, but none of that justifies the dealer jacking up the time for a job. Your info does somewhat justify the high hourly rates the dealers charge compared to an indy shop.

So you are saying if the normal book time for a water pump R&R is two hours, it is okay for the dealer to charge for three hours because of the overhead you described. Not going to fly.