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Originally Posted by Weaselboy View Post
I think we all understand this, but none of that justifies the dealer jacking up the time for a job. Your info does somewhat justify the high hourly rates the dealers charge compared to an indy shop.

So you are saying if the normal book time for a water pump R&R is two hours, it is okay for the dealer to charge for three hours because of the overhead you described. Not going to fly.
I don't think everyone does understand it. The poster I replied to basically said he thought it was outright fraud for the dealer to charge an hour or so of time against what he thought was a 5 minute exercise. I was trying to point out that the book rate (you speak of) is what it is is to accommodate for all of the costs the dealer has to cover when working on a car in the service department. It is quite true that the dealer is out to make the best profit as possible and will try to charge the customer what the dealer thinks is reasonable or tolerable. But the dealer usually is willing to negotiate a price.