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Originally Posted by ENINTY View Post
Man you guys are thick. I'll type slower so maybe you can understand.

It is not a 5 minute job. There are several people that are involved with the servicing of your car when it is at the dealer. The dealer has operating costs that he has to recover when these people get involved with processing your car through the service department. Instead of giving you an itemized bill for the Service Advisor's time, the car jockey's time, the proportioned cost of the GT1 computer system used to register the battery, the proportioned cost for the heat (or air conditioning) used to keep the service bay at the proper temperature, the proportioned cost for the lighting of the service bay - the SA desk - the cashier's desk, the cashier's time to bill you out, the accountant's time to reconcile your bill and payment at the end of the month, he just bills you for a flat hourly rate of the Tech's time, which includes all of the costs mentioned above.

If you can't understand this simple concept of how a business works, it truly amazes me that you have the wherewithal to purchase, own, and operate a fine automobile such as a BMW.

Whether (you think) the dealer charges a fair price is debateable, but the fact that he has to cover all these costs in the manner described, is not.
I think you are a little dense. Your argument of overhead cost to justify charging $200-$300 for a 5 minute job makes no sense. If thatís the case, then an oil change at the dealer should cost the same, no?. All garage shops (at least in CA) are required to post their hourly rate. An independent shop is normally Ĺ of the dealerís rate. So yes, dealers charge a higher hourly rate because of their higher overhead cost. But that does not mean that they can charge 3 hours of labor for something that takes 5-10 minutes. So stop spewing the BS and stick to the issue- fraud.