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Originally Posted by scalbert View Post
You can't be going to another wedding??

Dang, you must have 1 billion friends all of which are getting married this year.
+1... seriously Henry, you must be crashing these weddings you dirty old man. Call me next time you go!

Originally Posted by scalbert View Post
You could always ask for help and knock out that deck in a weekend.

There would be a definite beer cost though.

Thanks Steve... I actually built the deck months ago, the hard part is building a roof over it to make it a screened porch. A nerd like me shouldn't be building a deck in the first place, even more dangerous is a nerd tapping into an existing roof. In any case, my buddy is helping me with that so we should be good... thanks for the offer though!

Anyway, I am thinking Saturday December 11th, in the afternoon of course. My girls (twins and Jennifer) are going to a play which was suggested I not go to (not crying about that). So I will be open and ready to drive. I have a few routes which are within an hour of Woodstock and since you, Walter, would be up this way in the morning, we could head out just after lunch.
Hehe... deal, I am there. I hope to have the DPs installed by then.

Originally Posted by iwanna335 View Post
Those that haven't gotten the promo code and are interested PM me....looks like I might be joining the next mod day
Hey Todd... thanks for the offer, but both Nivedh and I got our DPs. We actually sent them together to get some mad triple ceramic coating and are eagerly awaiting their return from JetHot. What was AR offering the DPs for? I am curious.

Wow... talk about


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