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Originally Posted by 02themax View Post
Let us know how it goes. My car didn't do it every day at first but progressively got worse. Took it in they replaced the fuel pump and did software update. After 2 days it came back with a vengance thats when they finally replaced the injectors. Its just a matter of time with these cars...
After reading/ worrying about this from previous threads mine finally went this week. It happend in quick succession-- the car was running fine until I started it Saturday AM, when it was a little bit rough. Each day upon the first start of the day it got progressively worse until yesterday (Wednesday-- 5 days after I started noticing it) when it would barely run-- flashing SES light, etc,. Shut it down, restarted it (it had heated up enough to run perfectly well by then) and drove directly to the dealership. The car is '08 E92 w/ 35k miles on it, and is unmodded (I do drive it like I stole it though), and AM temperatures have been pretty normal (high 40's, low 50's-- not freezing). They had the car overnight and here's what my service invoice says exactly and how they handled the issue per the PUMA:

"Injectors internally faulty and bleeding down.

Performed short test and found bank one misfire faults.

Followed test module and was promted to swap coils and plugs from bank to bank and let sit overnight to re-test. Swapped all parts as instructed and reassy micro housing. Let sit over night and car ran very poorly in AM. Removed plugs and found bank one fouled from fuel. Submitted TC case and was instructed to replace all inj and all plugs.
Replaced all inj and all plugs, registered all inj via ISID and then performed special drive cycle as requested per PUMA.

Items replaced include 6 spark plugs (high po), 6 injectors, and 6 decoupling elements."

I understand most of this jargon including the PUMA process, but some of this still escapes me (ISID, TC case, etc). After seeing this happen I'm wondering if this problem is considered "drivetrain" (i.e. my CPO 100k warranty would cover it if it happend again > 50k mi). The tech seemed to think this is a "one time" type of fix and that it "shouldn't" repeat itself.

Hope this helps others in the same situation... I took some cruddy iPhone video of it where you can see/hear how bad it was (figured I'd need it to convince the dealership there was actually a problem) but haven't a clue as to how to post that sort of thing on here.