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It's time for a DIY. I'm trying hard to get it but I can't really figure it out yet, because I'd do it.

See, the thing with a community such as ours is to help each other, not to find things and keep them secret so you can make a huge profit out of people.

The Audi crew has VAG-COM tricks shared since forever. It's time to catch up, people. If you don't want to share so you can make $300 out of poor people just to code their car, well, f*ck you, somebody else will figure it out and tell the community. (That was not directed to you at all, xxxjecxxx, but to people that will obviously recognize themselves)

I've been waiting forever for a how-to, I have the software, I have the hardware... I just don't want to pay somebody selfish enough to keep useful information from a community that probably gave him much for free.

It's my opinion, and everybody is entitled to my opinion.