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Originally Posted by ENINTY View Post
And it is not illegal, and not fraud, it is what the Dealer thinks his customers are willing to pay for the service. .
Let's break this down - maybe an analogy would help. Let's say I'm an attorney. I spent $150,000 to go to law school and have 6-figure overhead fees for state bars, office expenses, front desk receptionist, paralegals, technology, etc. I work on a client's case for 1 hour, but bill for 3 because of my high overhead and expenses. I can assure you, if the client found out, I'd be reported to the state bar and my license would likely be revoked. Why? Because this is fraud. I can't bill for more time than I worked. Simple, really.

If, on the other hand, if my hourly rate reflected my high overhead costs, then I can bill 1 hour for 1 hour of work. Clients can then decide if my rate is reasonable. If its not, they'll go elsewhere. Either way, I can only bill for time spent, regardless of overhead or high expenses.

And ENINTY - what's up with the personal attacks? Chill bro.