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Originally Posted by jeongsikkim View Post
I would make sure that it's not a lemon. I've seen a lot of california lemons ending up in the east coast (being sold next to normal used cars) If it's not a cpo and is being sold at a small dealership, i would shoot for 26k. Besides the HPPF issues, 335 is a great car in all bodystyle. Very smooth, fun to drive, and efficient. You'll love it! and you'll be addicted to BMWs as my e93 is my fourth bmw in 6 years.
For the most part, the CARFAX shows that everything is clear. It was originally a leased vehicle in Ohio 10/27/2007-2010. Sold a few weeks ago.

The BMW maintenance records shows:
Date		Desc							Mileage
1/26/2010	OIL SERVICE(MP) AFTER 1st				21,460
1/26/2010	STANDARD OPERATION MP					21,460

9/8/2009	Brake Fluid Change-Full Maintenance Program	        18,871
9/8/2009	STANDARD OPERATION MP				        18,871

5/8/2009	Fuel injector permanent malfunction			17,002

4/7/2009	High pressure pump HDP permanent malfunction		16,260

10/29/2008	Standard Operation MP				        12,377
10/29/2008	First Engine Oil Service-Full Maintenace		12,377
10/29/2008	Rear light, side panel incorrect connection/contact	12,377
It's being offered in the NY area and I'll be driving up tomorrow to check it out. It would be nice if I could somehow find the price the dealer paid, so I knew how much room I had to play with. Over the phone he stated that the car's already competitively priced, and he couldn't see himself lowering it more than a couple hundred dollars...

I wanna feel confident enough that there's a possibility of getting it lowered much more. Here's what I'm thinking of mentioning.

1.) HPFP Failure (twice over two months)
2.) Doesn't have sport package
3.) Not CPO
4.) Last servicing was in 1/2010 (5K miles since)

Anything else??

LOL I feel bad talking down this car. jeong, I definitely know I'm going to be addicted to this thing once I get it. I've been researching cars for over a year now. 370Z/G37/WRX... Even a Gen Coupe . I can't wait to get a E92!