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Originally Posted by xxxjecxxx View Post
Yes I agree the best thing about a forums like this is sharing information. Unfortunately in my learning experience I did not find any information about coding on this forum. I honestly don't know how much people charge to code options on BMW but I can tell you that as a 21 year old college student, I could use the money, but I will look past that for now.

Took me 3 months to figure out how to get this to work and I am a computer geek. I can say that there is a HUGE chance for you to screw plenty of things up here but I will also say that NCS EXPERT is pretty straight forward after you know what you are doing.

the only reason I started working with coding is because (again college student here) i fucked up my JBfootwell module by trying the corner delete mod with resistors. Refused to pay $400 for a new one and I ordered a used one on ebay which was not the correct part # so now I am trying to disable cornering lights to get rid of error(still haven't figure it out).

Over the last 3 months I have gathered all the files needed to succesfully run INPA, EDIABAS and NCS EXPERT. I have successfully coded my car 2006 325i haven't tried anything else.

I will be more than happy to write a DIY as long as my work won't be deleted as it will take plenty of time. I can't believe I'm passing up the chance to make some $

your a good man!!! i too just order the cables and downloaded all the software....gonna take a stab at it tho. Hopefully you can do some more DIYs i know a lot of people would love this for alarm activation and other things. Thanks again