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I changed my auto transmission oil 2x and I don't remember seeing any lights showing low-level. Bmw believes that since it is a closed system it doesn't need a dipstick. However, they recommend changing it at 100,000 miles (even though the sticker on the pan states "lifetime"). They also overlooked something, they are assuming your transmission lines/pan/seals will never leak. If and when they do, that will ruin your transmission and you won't know it until it is too late. The art of engineering.
If no codes are being thrown use Chevron Techron fuel injector cleaner (concentrate). It solves rpm fluctuating upon cold start-up. Also, for most BMW problems start off by scanning your car with the Peake Research Tool. It contains the actual BMW codes. If you want to register a newly installed battery for free (just buy a $10 cable) and google/download BMWLogger