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Originally Posted by shiv@vishnu View Post
Yes, give it a shot. If you have any persistent o2 sensor related issues, the first thing you should do is eliminate variables. In this case, the o2 modifier circuit. And since you don't need it, remove it. It can only help you.
I've not got any codes, if that's how one knows that one has O2 sensor issues, and I had logged both the sensors a couple of months back, and they both had identical values, so they were ok you concluded.

I'm the guy who keeps having really lean AFR's when on partial throttle, once the Procede is warmed up. You suggested I uninstall one of the 4 patches on the procede pnp harness that controls fueling (the subconnector patch with all the yellow wires) to see if we can narrow down the source of the problem. Unfortunately, I've been lazy and have not gotten around to doing it yet.

So I'm wondering if the above might be a fix to my issues, if I've not got any codes. Or if I should still just remove the whole subconnector first and see how that goes and report back.