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Originally Posted by cb1111 View Post
That is technically incorrect. The mechanic gets paid by the hour - the shop gets paid by the job.

The problem is that many shops are just plain stupid or don't explain the pricing properly.

If the dealer tells me that a repair will cost me $170 then I can decide if that is worth it to me. If they tell me that it'll cost 1.7 hours @$100 an hour then I can understand that too.

I understand the book rate too, but it is hard to justify a 1.7 hour book rate when they hand the car back to you 15 minutes later.
I'm not going to argue this. I know you're a stickler for Posters having to cite specific instances such as the US Code of Federal Regulations, case law, etc. to debunk "internet BS", but what I previously posted about professional mechanics at dealerships is technically correct. My Sister, who has a CPA from Georgetown University and who spent 5 years auditing automotive dealerships in the D.C. area, and who was the Comptroller for a Jeep dealership in Montgomery County for 8 years explained to me how dealerships make revenue and specifically how the service department works, which is where dealerships make the most revenue and profit. She introduced me to their top mechanic, whose earnings were over $100,000 a year at the time (this was over 15 years ago) doing exactly what I described in my post. His ability to make such a decent salary was because he was fast, efficient, and accurate and had very little return work for faulty repairs.