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Originally Posted by dxb335d View Post
peppernick, how many runs did you get in total? my previous experiance of santa pod, (not on track BUT spectating) is that most people only got a few runs in due to how busy it was?!

when i went to shakespeare county raceway i got 10 runs in and stopped for lunch for 2 hours
It was very busy, especially in the morning. However, it was quiter in the afternoon, and that's when the track was fastest. My 335D did 7 runs, of which 3 of them were driven by my friend.

With the 335ds it would be interesting comparing d and ds modes at the strip. I think the sprint may be quicker in the normal d position?
Best time were achieved in DS mode auto, with DTC turned off. There's hardly any wheelspin as the Goodyear F1 tyres I am using bit the sugar water sprinkled strip hard. If you look at my vids, you can just about hear the tyres chirping in first and second. In D mode, run times were as slow as 15.2.