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Originally Posted by DavS1 View Post
I thought you'd just be happy to get a youngER guy after you?
I could match the thrust of a top fuel dragster...but there isn't much point in telling you, i'd have to show you to prove Ofcourse, Orally I'm very talented, but again you'll just have to take my word for it

Sometimes men's imagination can be more of a hindrance lol
LOL, some women are 'grateful' as are some men, but as my friends and I have previously discussed none of us have ever felt the 'need' to be grateful, especially as far as younger men are concerned, put it that way . One of my friends in particular, but she is a predator lol...........actually, she needs to calm down!!

Fair enough I'll take your word and confidence at face value.

Hmm...........yes and no.

I think acerboo's gone to a party.