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Originally Posted by themaster View Post
My dealer just got back to me and confirmed that the HiFi option (676) is not standard in Europe , i.e. the Sept changes apply only to the US market. I hope that we at least get the new iPod Out functionality for fancier iPod controls.

Yes, the car will be leased so only OEM, but it's interesting that you mention that the decision doesn't have anything with the costs, since (IMHO) the equipment is quite pricey (not even to mention the Individual system option for around 3k).
So, now I have three possibilities:

1) The base system, 0 eur
2) Get the HiFi for 800+tax eur
3) Go for the HK system for 1500+tax eur

will have to think carefully... in case of 3) i'd have to remove some other things like alarm, etc. to maintain the same target price of the car. I could survive the price of 2) without removing other options but I am not sure is it worth since it adds only 2 speakers and a subwoofer (afaik).

I really envy you guys on the other side of the pond, not only you get more for less money, but also later pay 50% less for fuel .
It doesnt add two speakers and a does add the two tweeters, but the underseat 6" become 8," and it gets powered by an additional 180W amp. 800EUR does seem steep for this, you can DIY for like 350EUR IIRC...Technic may have the link where the retrofit kit is sold.<---but with retrofit you dont get larger underseats.