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Detailing forum is really good here. Try going over there since I think not all those guys read here.

That said, I'll help with what little I've learned about washing my Jet Black 335i. Really, you want good quality microfiber towels for drying and buffing.

That is the key. Crap towels = swirls.

Additionally, use 2 buckets when washing and constantly rinse your mitt.

Lastly, be gentle. When drying the car, don't use a lot of pressure. The water will absorb into good microfiber. I like to just lightly drag the microfiber over the paint or even use a leaf blower for crevices.

Just take your time, use high quality products, and be gentle. Here are some products I recommend:

1) Blackfire Wet Diamond Sealant
2) Zaino tire shine
3) Meguiars gold class car wash or Zaino car wash.
4) Zaino clay
5) Zaino blonde buffing towels
6) Meguiars NXT wax

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