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2011 335d lease offer

Hello, I was hoping that someone who understands lease pricing could help me understand the following:

On the BMW website, they are currently advertising a lease special of zero down (before taxes and fees) and 539/mo. The special is the same for both the 335xi and 335d. The monthly payment is based on both cars having about the same MSRP, about $48k before credits. The residuals of both cars are within $1,600 of each other (the 335d’s is lower by about $1,600... which is odd in itself b/c I keep reading that diesels hold their value better, but anyway...).

However, the available credit for the 335d is $3,500 higher than the xi. So shouldn’t the monthly payment be less on the 335d, even after factoring in the lower residual? Just curious as I am considering a lease on a new 335d.


Update: I just heard from the dealer and one of the key reasons is the interest factor applied to the lease. The rate on the 335d is .00015 higher than the xi for whatever reason(s) which makes the overall payment higher. So basically they offer a higher credit but offset the discount with a higher interest rate.

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