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Originally Posted by ibimmer346 View Post
Yes, that's how it works. No foaming, no rinsing. If it were to foam, you'd have to rinse it off. ONR is not soap.

Use a soft grout sponge. Get a healthy amount of liquid in it, put the sponge over the car and squeeze a little to get some of the liquid on the car. Then lightly moved the sponge over the car to get the sponge to pick up the dirt.

If you'd like, use a two-bucket method and rinse the sponge in a separate rinse bucket. Personally, I don't do that. But I understand that others are more paranoid.

Once you are happy that enough dirt is removed, lightly dry the area you just cleaned. Overall, I clean in areas, then dry. First, the hood and front. Then: the roof, the trunk and back, the sides.

You will find videos of people using ONR on YouTube if you look. It's a different method than a standard car wash.

I use a baby medicine syringe to measure the ONR. Two tablespoons in about 2 gallons of water. If you'd like, make a solution of ONR quick cleaner and pre-treat an area if there's extra dirt. 2 tablespoons per 32 fl oz bottle with distilled water.
Great advice. ONR isn't like normal shampoo and it does take some getting used to. But trust us, the stuff will not scratch your paint and is very effective at removing dirt. Head on over to Autopia if you need more evidence.
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