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Don't be unnecessarily US-centric, or October- production centric, or cssnms-centric. The E90 has had at least three levels of audio in it's global production, and at various times each of them has been available in every market. Base Stereo, HiFi, and Top HiFi are not my terms - they are BMW terms. They are all in production, even if the defaults just changed for the US market.

I am glad you like your stereo - just be aware that your HiFi audio system is very different from the base Stereo system that gets the worst criticism.

Although I had HiFi, and I upgraded

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It's NOT base Stereo - it's HiFi. The worst complaints are about a system you don't have... You have a 6-channel amp and 8" woofers and 1" tweeters. They lack them all...
When you say HiFi I say it came standard in my car or in other words I didn't opt for it. Is there another stereo available that would be considered more base than this in an e90 (335d) produced in October 2011?
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