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I will start the list this is everything i can remember at the moment. Don't remember the default values for all but it its aktiv change to nicht_aktiv or vise versa. I am pulling these values from my notes they may not be 100% accurate but should give you some guidance.

Disable dong when driver door open and key in slot

(will reset ecu including clock possibly service dates)

"corner delete mod"


Digital speed on cluster

Comfort folding mirrors

panic mode
(must have alarm installed, hold trunk button)

rain close
(may have been a second value also, sunroof will need to be taught all functions with INPA. only works when automatic wipers are on, it will remain close until the car is restarted" had to stop on the way to miami just to restart car

close windows and sun roof with fob holding lock button

I have a couple more laying around somewhere I just have to find the motivation to look for. if i remember correctly i can also code close convertible top with fob should be the value right under "KOMFORTSCHLIESSUNG_FB" and can code car to ignore all light errors.