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Originally Posted by jonm42 View Post
I just got off the phone with David@Vishnu and he confirmed that this is an install + tune day. Outstanding.
Quick clarification: Like all the dyno days until now, there will be little if any custom tuning. Basically, we'll be installing the PROcede and then documenting your gains. If something is grossly wrong, of course, we'll make adjustments. But so far that, in over 100 cars that we've installed kits on in dyno days, that has never been necessary. The reason why we aren't individually mapping cars at this point is simply an attempt to keep variables minimal. The car is still relatively new and we don't want to risk having different cars induce different diagnostic codes and lose track of what we did. So far, our method seems to be working and I'd be hesitant to deviate too far from it. Just make sure you are running on good gas (this is the biggest contributor to the power you put down that day). So that means no Costco, Safeway, Raceway, Rotten Robbie, etc,.