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Originally Posted by HurtsMyWorld View Post
I cant meet thursday I got work, and black ops has offically took over my life. I had to force myself to go to school(which I'm at) today
Not trying to be a downer, but I have played for like 3-4 hours roughly...I am not happy at all, I think MW2 is WAY better. Fuck these shitty ass OLD guns, the whole game just looks old to me. It kinda looks like call or duty world at war to me. I have played them all and MW2 is farrr better. It takes too many shots to kill someone. I mean 3-5 shots to take someone down? More than one shot with a sniper, MOST of the time? WTF? And fuck Treyarch for patching the quicksniping ability. (thats what really kept me into MW2) Infinity Ward did a much better job IMO. And believe me, im kinda of gamer nerd so I am not critisizing something I know little about...What I think really happened is they(Treyarch) saw the amount of players that MW2 brought and Treyarch saw the dollar signs and came out with a game prematurely to meet the market...As a huge COD fan, it gets like a 7.5 out of 10.

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