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Originally Posted by HurtsMyWorld View Post
What happened was they fixed what majority of people hated, quick scoping noob tubing, and its set in the cold war/nam era thats why its older ha. I think its good, well balanced and just overall fun now, I don't get angry anymore cus of all the noob toobers.
Why hate it? why not just adapt and be good at it is my opposition to that statement...but I do agree with you, there were a lot of people that hate those features. I know its set in the war/nam era. I wasnt speaking in terms of game set date. I am saying that it looks not old, but not up to date with all of the other games right now. Pixels, how quick the game actually works(live) and the overall depiciton of the main menu. I dont feel that enough time was put into it, but thats my own opinion. I feel that it is a good game but I dont feel like it is leaps and bounds better than world at war. I would love to look at screen shots of the OLD world at war and the NEW black ops and show you how similar they look. I think that it should look new and revamped and not just so plain. The graphics look like they are from the mid 2000's in terms of quality. Play the new NBA Jordan game and you will c the diff. of what im talkin about. The game is still fun, i am just displeased mainly on the asthetics of the game. Not general game play so much. And btw if you have played other games like counterstrike(which is way old) you will find that the start out with one gun and move up to all of them mode is OLD NEWS. Nothing innovative about it in my eyes, just a money maker...only time will tell tho. I hate to say it but I cant wait for Infinity Ward to show um how a COD is supposed to be made.