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Originally Posted by GoBonesGo View Post
No, the multi-colored stitching version isn't available for use with the paddle shifters (at least it wasn't a few weeks ago when I ordered mine). The wheel I have looks the same as the one installed in the first post of this thread, with the exception of allowing for the shifting paddles. I'll probably switch it out again once the multi-colored version becomes available. The perforated version is plenty worth it, though.

I'd say the chance of messing up the airbag is very low. Just remember to disconnect the negative terminal on your battery and you'll be fine. This one was my second steering wheel install on an E90 and it's not very difficult. The hardest part is finding the clips to release the airbag, but even then I don't see how you'd harm your airbag unless you're jamming a screwdriver really hard into the slot.

thanks a lot, you really answered my questions!