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Originally Posted by HurtsMyWorld View Post
ahahah I miss counterstrike! it was so badass. But on graphics I'm meh on them, because you can only go so far before you stop noticing them, I really don't care about seeing the sweat drip off someone, I care more about it looking good and playing good, and I think black ops hit it on the head. But it does all depend on the person, I love it, engulfed my life, and now my girlfriend hates me. Well it.
Haha thats how I was about MW2, its all i used to do. Ask Greg about last night...haha I smoked an e46 M3 in the fan on monument. I may or may not have had a few drinks in me by then and he was yelling out of the window from the car behind me..."You better burn this dude up," So we talked to him and he said yeah but only to the first light. My cousin in the passenger seat was like ooooh shit when I braked at like 65mph to stop at the next light. Got him in both gears (1st and 2nd)..haha good night. On a side note, I get my Procede in today, CANT WAIT TO PUT THAT IN! Early Sat. project for me...I am going to the UVA game afterwards.