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Originally Posted by Andy1991 View Post
wow that's a year ago I couldnt believe people are still commenting this thread lol

For those people questioned about my driving skills, yes, I was a dumb driver I couldnt even run over a mazdaspeed 3 IN THE RAIN. But all people may have forgotten, or I didn't make it clear is the fact that,

It was FRIKKING RAINNING. and he was IN FRONT OF ME. I only followed him for a couple hundred meters. Who know whom step on the throttle first?

I never said I cannot race him, no matter how dumb my driving is at least I know how to run a good straight line with a 335. at least I know my car is a under 5 sec car.

Just stop commenting bad sides about this incident. There is nothing impossible in this world. Who the F knows if that speed 3 has a V10 in it lol.
LOL I just saw the original post was so old haha. Yeah let's let this thread die.

On that note, I'm gonna buy myself a used Prius and stick a V12 in it just to screw with the minds of some people. j/k j/k