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Originally Posted by kmarei View Post
ch 1+2 B quart RUA210 5.25" in the door and infinity EMIT tweeter in the sail panel
Ch3+4 logic 7 mids and hifi tweets (till i find some cheap logic 7 tweets) in the rear side panel
Ch5+6 under seats subs (SWS-8i)
ch7 logic 7 center speaker
I think you should set the front door speakers and underseat woofers up as "2-way". The SWS will then play both mid bass and sub bass all the way down. That's the way I have mine set-up and it sounds great.

When you set the underseat woofers at "subs", I think they will play in mono. Besides that, I believe the low-pass filter you select will automatically become the high-pass filter for the fronts.

I tried it both ways, and it sounded much better with a 2-way front rather than 1-way + sub.