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Originally Posted by Nautik View Post
Sport BJJ and self-defense BJJ are two different things. Many of the principles (leverage) are the same but you are right, the last thing I want to do in a bar fight is be on the ground. If I am trying to control just one person that is fine, but not when I have more things to consider than just the one guy.

From a self-defense perspective BJJ is going to focus more on throws, joint locks from a standing position, methods to disarm people, standing choke techniques, etc.

It is just unfortunate so many schools only teach sport BJJ due to MMA's popularity and forget the real reason of it was for self-defense.

About the TKD comment, he said it, not me! I tend to agree but I don't want to start any drama.
I'm not sure what you're refering to. There is only one BJJ, and that's a poor derivative of Kodokan Judo, period. If some dude decides to create something to market that focuses on standing locks, well, then it's not BJJ and probably closer to traditional Japanese Ju Jutsu than anything else.
That's cool though, whatever works.

As for it being unfortunate that BJJ focuses heavily on MMA? That's their own fault. Years ago, outside of Japanese Shootfighters, BJJ created that environment with all their challenges to everyone. However, as the Brazilians started getting their asses kicked, the rules became more involved to the point where you have the bullshit that exists today...A cage/ring sport that doesnt work in self defense.

I admit it; I said TKD blows. But why??? If the Koreans masters would have done something back in the 60's when the government decided to nationalized all of their very deadly ancient arts under the banner of TKD (and focus on sport, rather than combat) you wouldn't have the crap that you see today.
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