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Originally Posted by allmotorh22 View Post
Why not get the transmission up to operating temperature first before opening the fill plug? (so you don't get fluid gushing out)

side note: with all the debate of whether or not to change the transmission fluid. (I personally i feel it's unsafe, especially if there are real-world stories of transmissions slipping after a flush)
*Why not drain and fill only 1 quart of oil every other oil change.* (to put your mind at rest, especially if your only concern is that the original oil loses its effectiveness over time).
1) Yes, that is a good idea, I didn't expect it to gush.
2) This DIY is only here to help people out, if anyone feels uncomfortable DON'T DO IT. Keep in mind, this is at your own risk.
3) If you drain it, might as well drain it all the way; doesn't make sense to drain out only a quart at a time.
If no codes are being thrown use Chevron Techron fuel injector cleaner (concentrate). It solves rpm fluctuating upon cold start-up. Also, for most BMW problems start off by scanning your car with the Peake Research Tool. It contains the actual BMW codes. If you want to register a newly installed battery for free (just buy a $10 cable) and google/download BMWLogger