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Originally Posted by Technic View Post
The 5V is maximum, so the 2.8V max input of the MS-8 still can handle it as long as you don't max out the OEM volume.

Anyways, when you run input setup -again, not required with HiFi balanced signals- the MS-8 shows its three "OK" when the OEM volume is 46-47 out of a maximum of 52 "clicks" of the OEM volume knob. That tells me that that 2.8V max input level is not that accurate.
Ok I switched to using low level inputs
It's actually click 48 of 55
Just max the volume and count down 7 clicks
So first click is 54, then 53 etc

It sounds much better now
I have my crossovers all set to 100hz high pass for all 5 speakers
And low pass for the sws-8
Can't wait to try this with my Soundstream amp

Thanks technic, never would have thought of using low level due to the 2.8v listed in the manual.