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Originally Posted by Norcal_335i View Post
Its because got your oil changed!!! I am not a fan of your BMW computer telling me when its time to change my oil. You spend 50k or more on a car and your trust BMW engineers when you should change your oil. LOL can you say mistake? Remember these are the same people that can't figure out HPFP problem. Do yourself a favor and change it every 5k or 3 to 6 months. I do and my engine thanks me by getting better gas mileage and running way better.
CBS told the dealership to change my oil after 1800 miles, August to November. As they say, monkey see, monkey do. Now, when you look at service info, the next oil change is 16,000 miles away.

I'll change it 7,500, but to tell you the truth, with a dealership having a $59.95 coupon, I don't think DIY is worth it, and plus I'd rather have a record of the interval change while I have the BMW extended gold.