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New to E90 Post, Need a lot of Advice!

Hello E90ers,

I've recently bought a 2006 BMW 330i that was in an accident. The damage is not too bad and it is definitely repairable. I have a few questions that hopefully some of the more experienced members may know.

1) Both airbags deployed. I was quoted $1400 for the steering wheel airbag and $1300 for the passenger airbag. Im pretty sure I can get these parts for way cheaper, whats my best option? Scrapyard? Also, I noticed that there are many members that are selling steering wheels with airbags included. If I purchased a sport steering wheel with an airbag for my car which didn't have the sport package are there any issues with that? Fitting/computer etc?
Also, are clock springs usually included in the steering wheel assembly? Ill also need a airbag control module, any ideas where I could find that part for sale?

2) Windsheild, the front windshield got smashed thanks to the passenger airbag going off. Does anyone know a Canadian based company that has good quality and priced windshields?

3) Engine cradle (crossmember) - I was quoted $700 for a used one, anyone know a good place to find cheaper ones?

4) Suspension - The left side suspension needs replacement, am I better off to just replace the whole suspension? Also, the mechanic mentioned that I'll need the full suspension assembly, does anyone know what the whole suspension assembly includes?

Im really hoping that some of you members can provide some assistance as im new the BMW world and im not sure about the best websites or ways to get better priced parts. Im open to any input and would be greatly appreciative if anyone can help answer my questions.

Thanks a lot!