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I would like to add one thing if you may allow...

This really doesnt matter either way you do it, but I usually break the oil filter loose first and pull it up alittle and prop it up by sticking a screwdriver or something on the side of to hold the oil filter suspended inside its housing. When you drain the oil, this allows the oil sitting in the oil filter housing to go back into the pan and come out.

We do it the opposite way with the M3s (the way you have it the oil filter last), because the M3 motors take 7.5 quarts, but we are only given 7. BMW rules wont bill out that last 1/2 quart (its a PITA in their book), so we pull the filter whatever oil left in that drains into the pan when full, giving a closer reading if not 'full'. Its stupid the way BMW acts on that, but its only less than 1/2 quart that is still old. Not going to hurt the engine in any way.

Other than that, well said