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Andy M

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Thought I'd just add my comments on this. It's a fairly old thread but I found a new way to remove these accent bars (or "finisher rods").

I used the L-shaped tool as the same as above but also an old credit card that I shredded up into strips. (I actually used one of those fake cards that they send in the mail with those forms asking you to sign up - these cards are thinner but just as strong).

When I pushed down with the L-shaped tool, I pushed a plastic strip (from my shredded credit card) in between the hole in the grate and above the plastic clip. This way even though I release the pressure with the L-shaped tool, I have a piece of plastic in between the clip and the grate. Repeat for each clip (I found I only needed two) and then when I pulled on it, it came out much easier with all plastic clips intact!