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I had bought my 335i from Rallye. When I went in to lease my X6 I got some late 20's kid sitting there telling me it would be $1400 a month for a 35i or a 09 leftover 50i for $1425. I began my initial negotiation process, and his response was the price is what the price is and I quote, "If you can't afford it, there are many other cars to choose from." He continued along down this path for another 5 minutes, until I had heard enough. I gave a big smile, put out my hand and told him he won't last 6 months at this job with that kind of attitude. I walked out and about an hour later got a very apologetic call from the sales manager. I told him I was done with their dealership, as were my parents. That company lost a couple hundred thousand, all because of one idiot.

I leased my 50i from Manhattan BMW down on Wall St. Paying just a hair over $1000 per month. They even took back my 335i 3 months early and threw in the hard plastic floor mats. It was the best car buying experience I have had in a long time.