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Ok this ms-8 is a starting to frustrate me!
There is something not right with the crossover points
Before I installed the ms-8, my door speakers were being high passed at 60hz at 12db/octave
Zero issues, and they sounded great.
With the ms-8 anything lower than 100hz they start to distort from too much bass.
When I set it up with the under seats as subs
It does not do the front crossover point correctly
Only way around this is to set the under seats as 1(not 2) subs (to save a channel)
And set fronts as 2 way (so i get the crossover crontrol back) and waste 2 channels as front left low, and front right low.
I don't want to set it up as 2 way with the sws-8s as the low, because then I can't control their level with the sub level.
I also can't set fronts as all pass, you can't have all pass on ANY channel on the ms-8
You HAVE to use the subsonic filter.
So if I want to use the crossover in my amp, I have to run the signal through 2 crossovers
The subsonic filter, then the crossover in the amp.
what if i have a sub that goes below 20hz?
why am i forced to use subsonic??
and unlike the 360.2 you can try different crossover settings till you find the right one for each speaker, you have to redo the entire setup for every change
so 5min for each frequency you want to test

there is no doubt it does amazing things to the soundstage
soundstage is now firmly on top of my dashboard
but i just can't set the crossovers correctly