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>>> HP Autowerks <<< iCarbon Performance N55 Downpipe GB by HP Autowerks

Finally, the first downpipe for the BMW N55 motor!

iCarbon Design came to the scene in the carbon fiber world stronger than anyone, showing that through technology, experience, and knowledge, a new standard in fitment, finish, and construction could be set. Always doing things for form AND function, all iCarbon pieces are performance-minded in their construction. With such a performance-oriented state of mind, it was only natural that iCarbon take the next step in performance, and introduce their Performance line-up ‚€?iCarbon Performance.

The first product in this line-up is the BMW N55 DownPipes! With many other projects due for release shortly, including the BEST carbon fiber intake on the market, iCarbon Performance will now set a new standard in the Performance market.

iCarbon uses only the highest quality raw materials, the highest quality construction methods, and conducts months upon months of R&D before a product release. The N55 DownPipe is no different.

iCarbon had access to an N55 motor and DownPipe months before the car was even released, and started R&D nearly 8 months ago. As an authorized iCarbon Dealer, we are proud to be the chosen dealer to release their full production units, and introduce them with a discounted offer!

Product Description:

As we all now, the N54 motor greatly benefited from a properly designed downpipe, and the N55 motor is no different! Turbocharged motors are heavily affected by backpressure in the exhaust system, so we have set out to eliminate unnecessary back-pressure in order to spool the turbocharger quicker and more efficiently. This creates additional RWHP that can be felt and seen, but more importantly allows the engine to rev faster, achieve peak boost faster, increase throttle response, all while keeping or reducing the amount of effort the engine must output ‚€?something not many other modifications to the N55 motor (if any) can achieve!

iCarbon used their extensive knowledge, R&D budget, and team of performance consultants (including several race team managers from teams such as Mercedes GmBH) in order to create a DownPipe that fit, performed and had the necessary durability to be the best engineered DownPipe on the market ‚€?hands down.

The iCarbon Performance N55 Downpipe was engineered to create as little restriction as possible by eliminating unnecessary crush bends, and utilizing straight piping to create a smooth exhaust flow that eliminates exhaust gas turbulence.

Power You Can Feel

Let‚€ talk power. The iCarbon Performance DownPipes added a whopping 18 RWHP and 19 WTQ on a 100% STOCK BMW 135i ‚€?and that‚€ on a barely broken in car, and on a low reading dyno. With a full exhaust and a DownPipe tune, the gains will be set the iCP downpipe above the rest! Only months of Research and Development coupled with hundreds of hours of testing can provide a product of such quality. With power gains of this nature, you will not only be able to hear the difference in the way the turbocharger spools, and see the difference on the dyno, but you will be able to FEEL the difference in several ways.

The iCarbon Performance N55 Down-Pipe is also constructed using TIG welding, which requires a lot more knowledge, is slower, and is less cost-efficient than MIG welding, but provides superior welds in terms of quality, strength, and sleekness.

Fitment Like No Other

As anyone that is familiar with iCarbon knows, we are 150% obsessed with making things fit right, and fit right the first time with little effort on the installer‚€ part. We absolutely GUARANTEE that this will be the best fitting downpipe you have ever installed. Over 2 months of the R&D process were dedicated just to making sure this piece installs as if it were made by BMW them-selves. We have added support braces, 02 bungs, and OEM flanges to ensure the downpipe bolts on to all of the factory locations perfectly, while housing the OEM monitoring systems seamlessly. Only the best T-304 Stainless Steel is used for construction of the downpipe AND the flanges. A lot of companies use chromed flanges that are made from a much lower grade aluminum in order to save costs. The iCP downpipe dowever, is hand-polished, full T-304 SS, INCLUDING all of the flanges.

*** The iCarbon Performance DownPipe replaces the OEM downpipe, thus eliminating the catalytic converter (on the Un-Catted version. This means that our downpipe modification is not legal for highway use, but made for off-road driving events, competitions, or race-tracks. Optional CAN tool for Auto-delete annoying exhaust modification codes (non-emissions use only) eliminating the need for a DPFIX!


* Eliminates the overly bulky and highly restrictive OEM N55 downpipe
* 16-25 RWHP and 17-26 WTQ gains on an all stock car over the entire PowerBand!
* Gets rid of power-robbing crush bends and small tube diameter
* TIG-Welded for superior quality and strength of all welds
* Features an ultra-smooth pipe designed for reduced exhaust-turbulence
* PPD (Proprietary Piping Diameter) step sections create max power output, while allowing seamless connectivity with OEM and aftermarket exhausts
* Increased throttle response and quicker turbo spool w/ less required engine effort
* 150% GUARANTEED fitment due to extensive R&D on the N55 Motor for over 8 months
* Piping diameter goes from 101mm (4") to 76mm (3") and the DP has 1.5mm walls.
* FULL T-304 Stainless Steel construction for oxidation resistance, added durability, and heat resistance
* Fits both 135 and 335i with the N55 egine
* Mounts to all factory locations, and has adequate fittings for 02 sensors and OEM monitoring units
* Installs in under 3 hours for DIYers and under 2 hours for professional installation.

Introductory Offer Ordering Details


50 sets are being produced initially.


Retail Price: $759 + shipping

E90post price: $629 w/ FREE Fedex GROUND SHIPPING within continent USA(exclude Alaska, Hawaii, U.S. Virgin Islands). International orders please inquire on shipping costs.

Optional Black Ceremic Coating: $95

How to Pay:

All orders must be paid in full.

Simply visit:

Lead Time:

The production of the first 50 units is almost completed. The Introductory Special will run for 30 days from today, and once the Special is over, the downpipes will be shipped to everyone via Fed Ex ground within 1-2 weeks. The additional 1-2 weeks is just to organize all of the orders and ship everything out.


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