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I like the game so far. I'm on ps3 so haven't come across any cheating that I've noticed. It makes games extremely frustrating though so I feel all the PC-Players' pain. I remember in World at War I wouldn't even play one of the maps since everyone would just glitch under it. It ruins the fun for everyone and gains you nothing other than stroking your own ego that you were able to pwn people by cheating in a game that ultimately noone is going to care about.

I need to preface this by saying I wasn't a big fan of MW2, I played it because everyone else did, prestiged once then lvled back up to 70. I think I traded it in a few months after getting it.

Here's what I like about black ops:

-All of the guns are not awesome. The thing about MW2 is that most every weapon in the game was accurate, had little to no recoil for the damage it would do, and with steady aim or whatever that perk was could pick off people at sniper range. No matter how far away they were. Annoying. I'm willing to suspend the belief about how true to life the MP5 is just so I have a reason to use anything else and there is some progression in the weaponry.

-Limited and less powerful kill streaks. There was nothing I hated more than when your team was getting rolled in MW2. There wasn't even much point in spawning before you were obliterated by (insert kill streak X here). I never got the nuke in MW2 but went 18, 19, and 20 and 0 a few times. Makes for better team balance since one superstar won't own the entire match as much but can still shoulder a lot of the weight of a weaker team.

-Gun game. what a great Idea, I love playing this mode.

-Theater mode, you can share your good matches with your friends, or learn from them, (and learn from your enemies), fantastic. They need to patch it so it records the final kill cam though. There is nothing I would like to show off more than a hatchet through a window at a tough angle to win the match being replayed in slow motion for everyone to see

What I don't like :

- I can't believe I'm going to say this, but the maps aren't very sniper-friendly. It's really frustrating when you are trying to take down a sniper on a well defended perch in any game, but there don't seem to be many (or any) decent places to snipe in this game. Almost every decent place has two access points or is completely vulnerable once people know you're up there. If everyone hated it and you didn't want it in the game, then why include a bunch of rifles in this game and imply that I'm supposed to level them up and give me nowhere to do it?

- Spawn system seems a lot like World at War : which means it's partially broken. Enemies spawn behind me when there isn't really too much map back there on a regular basis (see : Nuketown). And guess what? If I've lost a gun battle to someone, unless they got the drop on me, chances are they're going to win it again when we run into each other 5 seconds later, thanks for making me spawn about 15 yards from him again

- Nuketown, Nuketown, Nuketown... is this the equivalent of "2fort" for Black Ops? This map sucks. see above spawn point problems. It's too small with only 2 real buildings on the map. There's little to no reward for even trying to cross the middle, but you can't hang out near the back on either side because of the spawn problems. Why the hell do people keep voting to play it? I just don't get it. I get so many cheese ball spawn kills on this map without even trying to it's silly. Equip a suppressor and the ghost perk and you'll have no problem ended up with a 3:1 K/d ratio.

Other than that I think it's a great game. I know there are going to be plenty of MW2 fans who don't like it, but I'll be playing it regularly throughout the winter. I probably won't prestige more than once though, I have a feeling GT5 is going to get the nod when I have extra time to kill this winter. I'll play Black ops to catch up with my friends.