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Originally Posted by ********* View Post
Actually there is a distinct difference in use the AUX port vs the USB option.

AUX uses the 3.5mm headphone jack which outputs an analog signal.

The USB option uses the dock connector which outputs a digital signal.

OP, what are you plugging into your AUX port? iPod or iPhone?

You can buy a dock connector cable that has a 3.5mm plug at the other end....this will work for both iPod and iPhone or iPad as well.

If you have a bluetooth device (iPhone or iPad) you can get a bluetooth AD2P streaming device such as the BlackBerry stereo gateway to stream music to the AUX port, using the digital output.

Thanks for adding your thoughts guys

BTW, don't fall for the Monster's all BS. Any decent quality wire will preform the same.

After running 50ft+ is where Monster products are useful.
IPhone ->Kensington Liquid Aux -> BMW Aux In

(I have also used the Kensington A2DP solution and was unsatisfied with quality)

Obviously this is an analog signal but it should be full range and good quality coming out of the dock connector. No different then hooking a dock up to a home stereo (analog anyway).