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Originally Posted by Mywifes335 View Post
I was actually unable to find the colored reflectors (the ones on Ebay are advertised for E90s, but they look like they're for the E92s), so I bought color-matched spray paint instead.

It looks like this DIY is pretty involved and has a high risk of either: 1. damaging the reflector or 2. damaging the bumper.

I was wondering if anyone has painted the reflectors while they are still on the bumper by just masking off most of the front quarter area?

Or, if anyone has removed the old reflectors, prepped and painted them, and re-installed them?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

For others that may be interested, I picked up my reflectors from the fellas at WSTO. They have a post in the sponsors section here on e90post as well, find it here. There are other well known BMW aftermarket merchants that sell them as well (Bimmian, jbspeed, etc)...

I wouldn't describe this mod as particularly involved or high risk, but this is an opinion...I believe the process to be fairly straightforward, and the prospects for success reasonably high, as is evidenced by the many forum members that have performed the mod without incident. However, there are no guarantees and I wouldn't encourage anyone with significant reservations to try this. Educate yourself and proceed accordingly.

@Mywifes335 - If you're gonna go to the trouble of removing the reflector, I would just replace it with a pre-painted replacement (see sources above). Painting in place by masking off the area is also an option folks have used with success. I have a buddy that has done this very thing that may be able to share some tips - he can be contacted on e90post at OM3G@. Good luck.
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