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Originally Posted by sheps View Post
Awesome pics buddy.

You want to be mad but you can't help but smile.
They know they've done wrong, but it's almost as if they've said to each other "Sh!t, they're opening the door! You look sheepish, I'll look dumbfounded as if I have no idea what happened and we can pull this off, trust me".


Not sure that it was what the camera was invented for, but these are the best sort of shots you can get - priceless.
Yeah Lol, haha exactly what they were thinking. Bet they had a right laugh pulling all that out.

Originally Posted by beemerbird View Post
The pic. of Millie is brilliant bless her!! Pleased life is normal for them both.

I did notice the re-cycling items also lol. Keep telling my Mother tbh.

Oh and Mike.........careful, or I'll take a blow torch to your winter tyres.
Yeah, Millie does look hilarious LOL.

Out of the both of them, she is the destroyer.

My Parents do recycle.
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