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I'm still waffling between the TSX and 323, with no decision planned until the spring, but one thought I had on this issue was to use the stock 16" for run-flat snows, and buy a second set of light-weight, yet relatively cheap, 16" alloys with 225/50-16 run-flats; I only found a couple of tires in this size, but more are likely to come. Run-flats are heavy, but with the smaller tire and rim, you might be able to create a wheel and tire package for the 323 that would free-up some wheel hp, and bring it closer to the 325's stock torque output. The torque difference is only 15 lb-ft, but the larger engine has more of it at lower engine speeds and keeps on running where the 323 runs out of breath; a lighter wheel/tire combination will effectively give you more torque at the road, at EVERY engine speed. Just something to look into.