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Originally Posted by Mywifes335 View Post
OM3G@ - thanks for the anecdotal post, and the great pic. I think you did a great job. Don't mean to be a bother, but what steps did you take to prep the surface and how much of the area did you mask? Did you tape up to the edge of the reflector or did you try to tuck a bit of the tape into the edge?

zzzbullseye - Aw man, I should've checked on the forum beforehand. The paint got delivered today.

Thank you both!

Going to pick up the car from the body shop tomorrow. It got rear-ended but I took the opportunity to swap the stock bumper for the M-technic version. Hope that the body shop guys did a good job. New lip spoiler going on too. While the car was in their shop, I asked them how much to paint the reflectors and they wanted $350 to remove them and then paint/install. Crazy.
$350!? That's an "I don't really wanna do it, and if I do, you're gonna PAY" price! Good luck with the reflectors and congrats on the bumper/spoiler.
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