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My point is that you will find smart, knowledgeable people who will provide data to bolster their argument that all good amps DO sound alike - and it won't get settled here. If we present our products on that basis, I will be called a shyster by some.

I am not a militant on the subject - but I think there is a lot of BS out there on the topic. The human mind doesn't work well with comparison testing of smells, tastes, or sounds - that further muddied the waters. How we got New Coke. Hard to "prove" anything.

We feel that we've eliminated the bad sounding gear, and our packages give good value for the price. But there is a diff between a 75 wpc amp with almost headroom, and a 75 wpc amp with 2.5 dB of headroom (125 watts).

There is a diff between "20 watts" of IC BTL power running off 12v, and 20 watts of discrete, 20-20k power with a real switching power supply behind it.

Those are issues you are more likely to encounter in car system design.
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