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here's how moron BMWSF service guys are (at least one of them):

i explained my problem (the well known missing pop ups arrow issue) to get my upgrade to V25 (the thing I'd really like to get is POI search BTW, and faster operation if it is indeed faster). mentioned i wasn't getting the arrows the pop up to indicate directions when i'm using nav in the assitance window. said they'd check it out and would update software as needed and that it sounded like a familiar problem.

pick up the car with service guy saying they 'fixed' my arrow problem. i'm thinking, great they must have put the V25 in then.

got the service note and it says: "i setup the right side screen for the arrow display. and then nav'ed a location and perform a road test [darn don't you dare driving my car!!! ] to check for proper operation of nav system. foung to be ok at this time"

DUHHHHHH... no kidding?!.. i can see the arrows when i select arrows on the right. like i can't figure that out maybe?! that's not the problem i described twice (via email, and they had my notes, and then in person). jeez.. can't believe this is how they 'resolved' the problem.

ah man... sometime you wonder what goes thru people mind... did they really think i was that stupid that i couldn't figure out how to switch the right view to arrow?

anyway... i'm still on V24.. so i'll have to give it another try

the good thing i guess is that it sounds like i would have gotton V25.00.04 which still has issues or which isn't that easy to fully setup from what i understand (VC at least, as it seems to disappear after the upgrade).

when someone gets a sucessful update w/o any side effect i'll say hello to another BMW dealer in the bay area... they can't be all that dumb, right? Peter Pan maybe? since it's next door to my work would do a better job... well, let's hope. i just won't describe the problem next time, i'll just come and say, "here's SIB #xyz, can i get that fixed?"
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