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Originally Posted by E92PAT View Post
Yeah im still in the purchasing part of the phase.. do it right or do it twice.

what do you guys think of this cable?
It's hit-or-miss with these Chinese cables. There's no real way to say if it is going to work, work partially, or work not at all. In theory, this should work, but in practice, shoddy quality control and little or not testing means it's a crap-shoot. I have 3 now (and one on the way from Patryk). All have exhibited some quirkiness which is not something you want to deal with if you are reprogramming a critical module.

If you just want to turn off your side lights, or some such, it's probably fine; you can always retry until it goes through, but consider that you're dealing with a pretty high-priced automobile with very complicated computer control, I'd put my money on something better.