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The F1 failure probably had little to do with Dr. T. Look around in F1... whenever a big manufacturer takes over a successful racing team, they simply disappear from the podium. No wonder. Multi-national-corporation thinking versus small and flexible, highly qualified and motivated, workgroups. The two do not go together. It didn't work for Renault, not for Toyota, Mercedes proved twice, that it does not work and BMW is just one of those manufacturers that flopped.

I hope, that a new head of BMW Motorsport will lead BMW back to its roots as far as the sport is concerned. I am sick and tired of reading of new yachting, golf, marathon and other sponsorings while they do close to zero for their privateer teams! And...

...I hope they will do things right the first time in the future! To see the chaos surrounding the M3 GTRs (e92) homologation (as a GTS car) thus requiring the car to run with wavers in every series and race it has competed in is ridiculous! The way they showed up in Le Mans only to be crushed was pathetic. Even the race victory at the 2010 24hours at the Nuerburgring was pure luck. They were running off the pace of the GT3 Porsches and Audis for 22 hours.

BMW has a history of being the company to beat when it comes to touring car racing and probably thousands of privateer teams all over the world prove, that they still are. Back them up! Give them the support and the products they need AND when running works teams... don't look like idiots doing so! Please!
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