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Originally Posted by LEDZEP View Post
That is certainly considerate of you, very much so. But I have no interest in paying for what I should have already. It is amazing to me that customers waiting for this part are given no priority at all.

God only knows when my dealer will be able to get it. At the least the folks doing PCD will treated right. Too bad that BMW is doing so well that they can mistreat customers just like the Big Three used to do. How did that 'poor customer service' thing work out for them, by the way?

I just checked with parts and they said that they have no idea how I even got the one I have here... and that none of the other ones are in yet but we should have them mon. or tuesday. Until then, I can't even let this cable go... but I can use it to demonstrate or to find anything out for you. basically they don't even know how I got the cable today so sorry if I got anyone's hopes up.