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Originally Posted by subieworx View Post
Glad to hear someone else talking about the crappy travel in the stock suspension. I feel that lowering springs in any way on the stock shocks or shocks that don't use shortened bodies is a horrible idea that will result in poor ride quality and worse handling.

Comparing ratios is not the proper way of figuring out spring rates for the car. Weight distribution and natural frequencies play into the equation in such a way that makes the ratio method not reliable.
Yeah. I think people confuse bouncing off bump stops with bad spring rates...the shocks aren't allowing the springs to do their job.

Natural frequencies! This is key, and highly overlooked.

Another thing that I was wondering: HPAutowerks did a great job R&D'ing M3 conversions for e9x. They also seem to be cool with getting AST to do custom coilovers. So I wonder how difficult it would be to get someone to fabricate a xi variant of the M3 front suspension bits? Essentially, taking the xi wishbones etc, adding higher durometer bushings, making them from aluminum, and maybe adding some built-in negative camber? Basically, taking the aspects of the M3 suspension that better the steering "feel" and adapting it to the xi layout.